Third-Party Funded Projects

Third-party funds make up an important part of UZH’s revenue. UZH provides information about its sponsors and the beneficiaries in its transparency list. 
Third-Party funded Projects

Endowed Professorships

Through donations for an endowed professorship, companies, private individuals and foundations can promote existing disciplines or initiate new areas of research. UZH discloses its endowed professorships and the parties that donated them as well as the donated amount.
Endowed professorships
List of endowed professorships

Outside Professional Activities and Interests

The University of Zurich discloses the outside professional activities and interests of its professors. The activities listed include commitments in management or supervisory committees, long-term leadership and consulting engagements in bodies or foundations, and collaboration in commissions and bodies of the municipal, cantonal or federal government.

Professorships Department Website: Outside professional activities and interests