Information for Junior Researchers

Status: 23 July 2020

Additional funding for UZH Junior Researchers

On 19 May 2020, the Executive Board of the University decided to introduce a hardship regulation to support UZH junior researchers whose research has been seriously affected by the Covid-19 pandemic since early March 2020. A funding extension of a maximum of two months can be applied for at the Office of the Vice President Research. If the hardship case criteria are met, this applies to affected UZH employees in junior academic positions that are funded by central UZH research funding (e.g. Research Fund, URPP) or by third-party funds (public research funding organizations, foundations, fellowships, etc.) and for which the third-party funding provider does not allow additional contributions. The application is submitted by the supervisors and is open to UZH researchers in junior academic positions from all disciplines. Please note the following application form and the integrated information sheet. Answers to frequently asked questions by junior researchers can also be found in the FAQ.
Application Form Hardship Cases and information sheet (DOCX, 61 KB)
FAQ for Researchers

Further important notes

  • First point of contact. The first point of contact for UZH junior researchers is their supervisor (chair holders, group leaders, etc.). Wherever possible, a solution should be sought as to how the persons concerned can be supported by other funding within the research unit, institute/department or faculty. For this purpose, funds from the operating budget can also be reallocated for personnel expenditure. In the case of employment financed by third-party funds, residual funds from other budget categories or from overheads can be used. If such possibilities are justifiably exhausted and the other conditions are met, superiors can submit an application for additional funding under the hardship regulation.
  • Application. Applications can be submitted at the earliest four months before the end of an employment or funding period. It is therefore important that affected researchers in junior academic positions and their supervisors document the pandemic-related restrictions well, so that they can still provide evidence of these restrictions at the time of the application.
  • Extension of employment. Extensions of employment are possible beyond the maximum employment period of six or nine years for junior academic positions (PVO-UZH § 15 para. 4). Contact your supervisor and your HR representative for information.
  • Persons employed on SNSF projects. Persons employed on SNSF projects may be included in the hardship clause if they meet the hardship criteria. However, please note that justified applications for additional funding can be submitted to the SNSF based on article 36 of the SNSF Contribution Regulations.
    FAQ SNSF: Research delay because of the Corona-Virus
  • Research Operations. For questions relating to research operations at UZH in the current situation, please refer to the general information for researchers: Information for Researchers