Provisions for Auditing Courses

Please note the following provisions for auditing courses. The provisions are in accordance with the Ordinance on Admission to Studies at the University of Zurich, dated 27 August 2018 (PDF, 259 KB).

  1. Auditors must be at least 16 years of age to register.
  2. Registration as an auditor is limited to a maximum of 12 hours per week. Only lectures at the Faculties of Theology, Law, Economics, Arts and Science are open to auditors.
  3. To attend other types of courses (e.g. seminars, colloquia) at the above-named faculties, auditors require permission from the instructor.
  4. Attendance of courses at the Faculty of Medicine or the Vetsuisse Faculty is only possible with written permission from both the course instructor and the dean's office of the faculty in question. Excepted from this rule are lectures which are explicitly declared open.
  5. Attending a lab requires permission from the institute or department in question.
  6. No credit toward earning a degree will be given for coursework done by auditors.