Project “Museums and Collections”

The University of Zurich plays an active role in the community and endeavors to engage the public in a variety of ways. The exhibitions and events at the University’s excellent museums and collections are part of these outreach efforts and, every year, the eight museums and 13 collections of UZH draw 330,000 visitors. These individuals represent the largest group of UZH stakeholders. The 13 collections, which contain over five million objects and are distributed over 26 locations, form the basis of the object-related research of some 20 UZH professors. In addition to their cultural and academic value, these objects have a high total economic value and require expert care.

The Executive Board of the University has appointed Prof. Felix Althaus as the UZH delegate to implement an overarching concept for all museums and collections at the University. The following aims have been set:

  • Concentration of all museums at City Campus and the creation of a natural history museum from the current museums for anthropology, botany, paleontology, and zoology;
  • Evaluation of a new location for a museum of medical history;
  • Creation of a central depot for all collections;
  • Development of a digitalization strategy for all objects in the collections; and
  • Further development of the relationship with the public sector.