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Booking Modules: A How-To Guide

At a Glance: How Your Studies Are Structured

Graphic showing how studies are structured.
Graphic showing how studies are structured.
Example of the way a degree program is structured

Degree Program: To earn a university degree you must successfully complete a degree program. Your choice of degree program determines what academic degree you will earn (e.g. Bachelor of Arts UZH). The details of the degree programs are set down in the framework ordinance of the faculty in question. UZH offers Bachelor's degree programs with 180 ECTS credits and Master's degree programs with 90, 120, or 180 (Medicine only) ECTS credits.

Study Program: A study program is a sub-unit of a degree program. There are study programs of various sizes. It's possible, for example, to do a study program as a single major, or to do two study programs as a major/minor combination. You'll find details of the study program (for example which modules you should book) in the relevant program regulation.

Module: A study program consists of various modules. A module is a complete learning unit in terms of content and duration. Modules may consist of one or more courses. 

The Most Important Questions about Booking Modules