Junge Menschen mit Maske und Smartphones

Internet & Society

Why this program?

Communication science has become a leading discipline. The specialized mono-master’s program Internet & Society provides students with in-depth theoretical knowledge and up-to-date research findings about the architecture and affordances as well as the economic, social, cultural and political aspects of information and communication technologies. These skills enable students to plan, run and evaluate empirical projects on the preconditions and implications of Internet use, and on the opportunities and challenges of a constantly changing media ecosystem.

What can I do with this M.A. degree?

Comprehensive expertise in how to analyze the transformational relationships between the Internet, individuals, and society, as well as profound knowledge of the methods and methodologies of the social sciences qualify students for management positions in media and information technology companies, public sector bodies, non-governmental organizations and scientific institutions.

Recent Master's theses

  • Self-Disclosure on Social Media and its Relationship to Bonding and Bridging Social Capital
    (Jamie Brama, 2021)
  • The Propagators, their Reasonings, and the Viewer's Responses. A study of conspiracy theories on YouTube using flat earth as an example
    (Lars Mika Hulliger, 2021)
  • Changes in digital communication behavior due to Covid-19 lockdown measures and their effects on social well-being
    (Caroline Breitmoser, 2021)