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UZH mit Ukraine-Flagge

Translation Pool Department of Slavonic Studies

The Department of Slavonic Studies UZH forms a translation pool for affected students, teachers and researchers from Ukraine. Anyone who would like to help can register for the pool at the bottom of the following website:
Slavisches Seminar UZH: Solidarität mit der Ukraine (German, Ukrainian, Russian)

Offering Own Support for People Affected by the War

If you would like to provide UZH-internal support (e.g. Courses, simplified processes, hosting researchers) for people affected by the war, please contact Global Affairs using the contact form:
Contact Form Ukraine Aid of the University of Zurich

Support Offers from the Canton of Zurich

Offering Accommodation

Accommodation offers are coordinated by the federal government in cooperation with the cantons and municipalities. If you would like to offer accommodation for people affected by the war, please get in touch with the main point of contact for the canton of Zurich: or +41 43 259 24 41

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Ukraine Flag plus lightbulb

Four DIZH Projects Launched

More about Four DIZH Projects Launched

From gaming to governance: the Digitalization Initiative of the Zurich Higher Education Institutions (DIZH) is funding four projects to deal with emergencies resulting from the war against Ukraine.