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Research Funding

The University of Zurich fosters excellent research that opens up innovative and promising research avenues. We occupy a leading position in the European research scene and rank among the very best universities in the world in selected fields. To further boost our position, we provide and continuously optimize support services and funding measures in the areas of research and academic career development.

For Researchers

UZH attracts the best talent from around the world. If you are a UZH researcher or planning to join UZH, the Grants Office team is happy to advise you on possible types of funding, both at the university and national level. Our Graduate Campus provides support tailored specifically to junior researchers.

UZH for Researchers: Research Funding
UZH for PhD Candidates and Postdocs: Graduate Campus

Career and Personal Development

UZH supports PhD candidates, postdocs, external applicants and budding researchers when it comes to research funding, grants and contributions to research stays abroad:

UZH Candoc Grants and UZH Postdoc Grants

For over two decades, we have provided PhD candidates and postdocs with research funding used mainly to cover their wages for up to two years. These grants are also available to applicants from outside UZH and therefore also help us attract excellent junior scholars from Switzerland and abroad.
UZH Candoc Grants
UZH Postdoc Grants

UZH Doc.Mobility

The UZH Doc.Mobility program helps PhD candidates to go on research stays abroad of between 6 and 18 months. This allows them to build an international network, learn about other academic systems, and fully focus on their research.
UZH Doc.Mobility

Graduate Campus Research Funding

The Graduate Campus is the university’s main hub for supporting early-career academics, who can apply for funding for short research stays abroad and various other self-initiated activities (e.g. workshops, peer mentoring) aimed at junior academics.
Graduate Campus

Research Talent Development Fund (FAN)

The University of Zurich Research Talent Development Fund (Fonds zur Förderung des akademischen Nachwuchses, FAN) is supported by UZH Alumni and promotes outstanding, innovative young researchers through contributions to research projects and stays abroad.

Junior and Senior Fellowship Programs of the Collegium Helveticum

The junior and senior fellowship programs of the Collegium Helveticum aim to strengthen transdisciplinary exchange by supporting people from a wide range of fields and disciplines and helping them to work together successfully.
Collegium Helveticum: Junior and Senior Fellowships

Competitive Sabbaticals

If you are an established researcher, you can apply for centrally funded competitive sabbaticals. Grants cover the costs for replacing your teaching appointment in the relevant period.
Competitive Sabbaticals


Research Priorities and Networks

To conduct world-class research, UZH has defined research priorities at the faculty and university-wide level. We use our central resources to finance University Research Priority Programs (URPP), to match funds for the National Centers of Competence in Research (NCCR), and to support strategic research initiatives at UZH (TRANSFORM) and at the UZH Centers of Competence.

University Research Priority Programs
National Centers of Competence in Research
Centers of Competence
UZH for Researchers: UZH Research Initiatives

Innovation and Technology

UZH Entrepreneur Fellowships and Digital Innovation Grants

Supporting innovation is one of UZH’s strategic goals. Through the Innovation Hub, the UZH Entrepreneur Fellowships provide junior researchers who are looking to use their research findings from UZH to set up a business with financing, coaching, training and access to infrastructure. Digital Innovation Grants are available for innovation in digital areas.
UZH Innovation Hub: UZH Entrepreneur Fellowships
UZH Innovation Hub: Digital Innovation Grants

DIZH Innovation Program

The innovation program of the Digitalization Initiative of the Zurich Higher Education Institutions (DIZH) promotes various types of innovative digitalization projects run by Zurich universities, with both the private and public sector. The aim is to bring research findings closer in line with practical real-world applications. At the same time, the needs and experiences of application partners will feed back into the research process. Specific funding instruments are also provided at UZH by the Digital Society Initiative (DSI).
DIZH: Innovation Program
DSI: Funding

Technology Platforms

The Strategic Research Platforms Office fosters collaboration among the many cross-department and cross-institute technology platforms at UZH that span different technologies. These synergies enable us to develop new methodological skills.
UZH for Researchers: Technology Platforms