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The University of Zurich occupies a leading position among European research institutions and, in several disciplines, it numbers among the world’s best. Its outstanding reputation as a research university is reflected in the numerous national and international prizes and grants awarded to our researchers each year.

Twelve Nobel Prizes

From Erwin Schrödinger’s revolution of physics to Rolf Zinkernagel’s discovery of how the human body recognizes virus-infected cells, the work of our pioneering scholars has been acknowledged with no fewer than twelve Nobel Prizes, in literature, physics, chemistry and medicine.
Nobel Prizes

Research Awards

The Swiss Science Prize Latsis, the Vontobel Award, the Pfizer Research Prize and many more: upwards of 30 research awards are granted to researchers at the University of Zurich each year.
Research Awards

Grants and Fellowships

National and international funds are aquired by competing with other higher education and research institutions, which means that they are also an important indicator of the success of our UZH researchers.
Grants and Fellowships

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