Mobility within Switzerland – Outgoing

Studying at Another Swiss University

As a student at the University of Zurich, the mobility program provides you with the opportunity to also study at another university in Switzerland. There is little administration involved as you remain matriculated at the University of Zurich and pay your tuition fees here. We encourage you to use the opportunity to discover another linguistic and cultural region, improve your language skills, benefit from an extended range of courses, and make new contacts.


The first step is to consult the course catalogue of your host university to find out the semester dates and registration deadlines and the range of courses available in your preferred exchange semester. On this basis, you can put together a preliminary study plan. In order to ensure that your academic achievements will be recognized, please discuss your plans with the Student Advisory Services and the mobility supervisor responsible for your subject.

Mobility at Bachelor's level is only available after completion of an assessment; at Master's level it is available from the very start, i.e. from the first semester. Rules for registration (such as deadlines) follow those of the host university. The exception is CH-Unimobil.


Mobility students on the CH-Unimobil program can study at another university for one or maximum two semesters.


Please send your application for an exchange (indicating whether it is for one or two semesters) to the Student Administration Office during the official application period using the CH-Unimobil application form (In German only) (PDF, 93 KB).

We will then nominate you to your preferred host university. As soon as your nomination has been confirmed, the Student Administration Office will provide you with details in writing of your admission. All other information about your exchange will be sent to you by your host university.

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester

15 April (*)

Spring Semester

31 October (*)

(*) Medical students visiting the University of Lausanne can only register for the Fall or Spring semester once a year until 10 February at the mobility coordination of the Faculty of Medicine.

Non-consecutive students at Master's level, who want to use their first semester at UZH for an outgoing-mobility in the CH-Unimobil program, have to be admitted to study at UZH by the end of the above mentioned application deadlines already, for their mobility application to be accepted.

Requests to extend your current stay by a second semester must be submitted to the Student Administration Office within the official application period.

Other Mobility Options

Besides the CH-Unimobil program, certain Swiss universities offer other opportunities for guest students from other Swiss universities to attend their courses.

Students are responsible for organizing and registering for the following mobility options themselves:

Module Mobility/Studying at More Than One University

The most common type of mobility is “module mobility” (also known as “individual course attendance” or “studying at more than one university”). Module mobility allows you to take individual courses at other Swiss universities and receive a transcript of records at the end of the semester.

Mobility in a Minor Study Program

Students majoring in study programs at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Faculty of Theology have the opportunity to study and complete their minor study program in full at another Swiss university. The option “External minor subject program” can be selected by new students when registering on the application portal or by matriculated students by changing the study program. If you're interested in this type of mobility, please be sure to discuss necessary steps with the dean's office of your faculty in due time and draw up a learning agreement if required.

International Student Mobility

If you are interested in international mobility, please consult the Global Student Experiencewebsite to find out more about the requirements and opportunities for international exchanges.