Applying to a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Teaching Diploma Program, or Doctoral Studies

Do I receive admission to a Bachelor’s program with my university entrance qualification?

All of the key information about admission to a Bachelor’s program can be found on the website Admission to a Bachelor’s Program.

Can I send my university entrance qualification by e-mail or show it in person so you can let me know my chances of admission and whether it is worth applying?

No, this is not possible. We do not provide individual evaluations of university entrance qualifications if we do not have your complete application documents.

I am enrolled in a Bachelor’s program at another university and would like to transfer to a Bachelor’s program at the University of Zurich. What do I need to do?

Please submit an application by the application deadline using the University of Zurich application portal. Submit the required documents. See our Documents to Submit fact sheets for students in Bachelor’s degree programs. Among other things, the confirmation of withdrawal and the transcript of records from the university you most recently attended are required. You must therefore withdraw from the university you most recently attended. You cannot be simultaneously matriculated at two universities.