Changing or Withdrawing the Application

I saved my application, but I haven’t submitted it yet and now I’d like to make changes.

If you have not submitted your application, you can change the information you provided at any time before the application deadline:

  • If you would like to change your degree program, study programs or any other information in the "Summary Choice of Studies" section, you will have to create a new application and then submit it. You can leave the previous application or withdraw it. You will find the "Withdraw Application" button at the bottom right of the screen in the application portal.
  • Information in other sections (such as "Personal Details", "Memberships and Fees", etc.) can be changed directly in the application that you have saved. Make sure to confirm your changes by clicking on the "Save" button.

Don’t forget to submit your application by the deadline.

I’ve already submitted my application and now I’d like to make changes to it (before I begin my studies). What do I need to do?

You cannot make changes to an application online after it has been submitted. Please contact the Student Administration Office (if you have applied for a Bachelor’s degree program and have a Swiss university entrance qualification) or the Admissions Office (if you have applied for a Bachelor’s degree program and have a foreign university entrance qualification, as well as for Master’s or teaching diploma programs, or doctoral studies) directly if you would like to change your degree program or study programs. Please use the contact form. Please proceed the same way for changes to personal information.

After you have begun your studies, you can make changes to degree programs and study programs in the student portal using “My Requests,” in each case with effect for the beginning of the next semester.

After you have matriculated and received your online login data (UZH shortname, etc.), you can change your contact details on your own in the student portal at any time. To change your name and nationality, etc., see the information on the website Changing Contact and Personal Details.

I would like to withdraw my application. Until when can I do that online via the application portal?

You can withdraw your application online via the application portal as long as you have not yet been admitted by the Student Administration Office or Admissions Office (or your application has not yet been rejected).

You can check the processing status of your application in the application portal. As long as the status is shown as "Submitted," "To be verified" or "Incomplete" (or "Saved" if it has not yet been submitted), you can open the application and then withdraw it using the "Withdraw Application" button on the bottom right of the screen. The application fee will not be refunded.

If you have already been admitted or you have already matriculated, please see the information on the website Withdrawing from the University, under "Studies not Commenced / Withdrawal of Matriculation." Note the deadlines indicated on this website.