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UZH Teaching Fund

In educational development, we rely on the expertise, creativity and commitment of our teaching staff and study program coordinators. We specifically encourage instructors to develop and test new ideas and teaching methods, and provide them with advice and financial support.

Faculty Courses

Development of new and existing study programs

The funding line program_innovation supports study program directors in developing new (flagship) study programs, further developing the way existing study programs are taught, and consolidating the educational aspects of major study reforms.
For Teaching Staff: UZH Teaching Fund program_innovation
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Innovative modules and teaching aids

We support experimental teaching and offer scope for innovation and good ideas. As part of the open_innovation funding line, teachers and students can apply for funding for innovative module and teaching aid ideas.
For Teaching Staff: UZH Teaching Fund open_innovation
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Promoting spontaneous ideas

Innovative ideas for teaching often arise when preparing lessons. But they are not always rapidly implemented due to bureaucracy, funding issues and slow decision-making. The aim of the micro_innovation funding line is to remove these barriers to innovation and to support small educational projects with a direct benefit for teaching at UZH quickly and efficiently.
For Teaching Staff: UZH Teaching Fund micro_innovation

Transdisciplinary Courses

Studying at UZH enables students to analyze and address complex issues in a scientifically sound manner from a variety of perspectives. Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary elements reinforce the joined-up thinking this requires. Through the transdisciplinary_innovation funding line, UZH supports the development of courses offered by the School for Transdisciplinary Studies, specifically interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary minor programs and flagship courses.
For Teaching Staff: UZH Teaching Fund transdisciplinary_innovation
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International Courses

UZH’s wide variety of international touchpoints in teaching, combined with new forms of student mobility, serve to expand students’ horizons and their personal networks. The funding line global_innovation promotes projects that aim to offer students a wide range of international experiences. It promotes the development of structural collaboration with partner institutions (through module exchanges, double or joint degree programs, summer/winter/method schools and international online learning modules) and supports onboarding modules for international students. As a member of the European university alliance Una Europa, we also advocate the development of joint study programs and micro-credentials.
For Teaching Staff: UZH Teaching Fund global_innovation
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For Teaching Staff

Further information, guidelines and submission deadlines for the various funding lines can be found on the UZH Teaching Fund website.