Application Portal - Set up a User Account, Login

When I open the application portal, I receive the following error message or a similar one in the browser window: "Error 400: Bad Request. Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand."

Please resolve this issue by deleting the cookies and clearing the browser cache. To do so, please consult your browser’s help page or look online for instructions on how to delete cookies and clear the cache. If this does not work or you do not want to delete the cookies and clear the cache, please try with another browser or another computer.

I’m not able to set up a user account for the application portal. Whenever I click on "Submit," I get an error report.

Fields that have not been completed, or not completed correctly, will be shown with an orange border if you try unsuccessfully to submit the form. All fields outlined in orange must be completed correctly in order to set up an account.

Please also check that you have repeated your e-mail address and password correctly. The portal will not accept two different e-mail addresses and passwords.

The password criteria must also be observed. These are shown when you click in the "Enter Password" field. Each individual criterion is displayed with a check mark and in green when it is completed. A valid password must meet all of the indicated criteria.

I’ve forgotten my password and/or my username for the UZH application portal, and I can no longer log in.

You will find your username in the e-mail which UZH sent you to confirm and activate your user account (e-mail subject line: [UZH Admission] User Account Verification). If you can no longer find the e-mail, please use the contact form to get in touch with the Student Administration Office or Admissions Office.

If you have forgotten your password, you can set a new one yourself. However, this is only possible if you have not already made too many failed attempts when entering your password and your login has therefore been blocked (see next question).

In order to set a new password, please click on "Forgot Password" on the application portal login and follow the instructions. You will receive an e-mail containing an initial password and an activation link. Please first click on the activation link and then immediately log in with your username and the initial password you received. You will be asked to set a new password. To do this, enter the initial password in the "Current Password" field. Then, in the "New Password" field, enter your own, original password, and repeat it in the second field. The password criteria will be displayed as soon as you click in the fields.

I mistyped my password several times and am now blocked from logging into the application portal. What can I do?

When your account is blocked you can no longer reset your password yourself. Please use the contact form to get in touch with the Student Administration Office or the Admissions Office. They will unblock your account so you can log in using your current (correct) password or set a new password.

I work at the University of Zurich or previously studied there. Unfortunately, I cannot log into the application portal using my UZH shortname and password.

University of Zurich employees and former students who are not matriculated at the University must open a new user account for the application portal, even if they (still) have a UZH shortname and a password. Only active students who are currently matriculated are able to use the UZH student login.