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Welcome to the University of Zuerich


  • "Cancel Culture" in Academia?

    What threat does "cancel culture" pose to academic freedom? Lecture (in German) by Prof. Dr. Adrian Daub, DLCL Stanford University. From the series "Who gets to speak?".

    Wednesday, 13 December, 6:00pm
Compass pointing to "Ethics"

Access to Healthcare: Therapies for Rare Diseases. What is Fair?

Zoom webinar (in English) of the Forum for Global Health Ethics, organized by the Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine.
Tänzer mit Knochen im Anthropologischen Museum


Tanzerlebnistour durchs Museum der Anthropologie der Universität Zürich. Geeignet für die ganze Familie.

Appropriation of Biodiversity

Wem gehört die Natur? Vortrag der Ringvorlesung "Kulturanalyse jetzt!" zu Appropriation.

Current Events

  • Fri, 8.12.
    13:30 Uhr
    The impact of plant sciences on our lives - food, environment, health and knowledge of science - 25th Anniversary Symposium of the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center
  • Sat, 9.12.
    10:00 Uhr
    Die radiologische Herzbildgebung – gestern, heute, übermorgen
  • Sat, 9.12.
    11:15 Uhr
    Biomechanical Factors in the Development of Temporomandibular Disorders
  • Sat, 9.12.
    12:30 Uhr
    Chirurgie auf der dunklen Seite der Luft
  • Sun, 10.12.
    11:30 Uhr
    Sonntagsführung: Aye-Aye was seh ich da? – Primaten im Fokus
  • Sun, 10.12.
    14:00 Uhr
    Familienworkshops: «Schmatz, würg, pups und kack – vom Fressen und Verwerten im Tierreich» Ausscheiden
  • Sun, 10.12.
    15:00 Uhr
    Familienworkshops: «Schmatz, würg, pups und kack – vom Fressen und Verwerten im Tierreich» Ausscheiden
  • Mon, 11.12.
    16:15 Uhr
    Appropriation of Biodiversity - wem gehört die Natur?
  • Mon, 11.12.
    17:00 Uhr
    ABGESAGT: Im Schatten von Anne Frank? Selma Merbaum und die populäre Erinnerungskultur
  • Mon, 11.12.
    18:15 Uhr
    Which quantum algorithms will work in practice on quantum computers?

Public Lecture Series

  • The "New"

    What is "the new"? What does it mean as transformation, as novelty, as progress? On the emergence, effect and purpose of the new in the world.
  • The Catholic Church and Abuse

    Interim assessment of the activities of organizations for victims, legal investigations and the historical research in an international environment.
  • Challenging Powers

    On discourse and practices of dissent in various regions of Asia and the Middle East in differing historical contexts.
  • The First Word

    On the origins of language and linguistic diversity, and the present and future of language as a unique human characteristic.
  • Last Survivors of the Shoah

    Keeping memories alive: survivors of the holocaust present their recollections, experiences and reflections first hand.
  • Cultural Analysis Now!

    How is appropriation practiced in different cultures and their media? How did it come about? And what is coming?
  • Crises in the Middle Ages

    Unstable reigns, dwindling authority or dysfunctional legal systems: crises in the Middle Ages were ubiquitous.

Public Lectures and Events

University for All

  • Children's University

    Small, but thirsty for knowledge? The Children's University of Zurich lets our youngest have an opportunity to test the air in UZH's lecture halls.