Mobility within Switzerland – Incoming

The following types of mobility allow students from other Swiss universities to attend courses, complete assessments, and earn ECTS credits at the University of Zurich. Participation is free of charge for all mobility students and duration depends on mobility type. The maximum duration of incoming mobility is limited to six semesters per level of study, with the exception of the CH-Unimobil program.


To qualify as a mobility student at UZH, students need to have proof of matriculation from their home university and hold a Swiss student ID number with the XX-XXX-XXX format.


First consult the UZH course catalogue to find out which courses and modules are available during the semester you plan to spend at UZH. Check with your home university whether you will receive credits for the modules you intend to take. Master’s level modules are not open to Bachelor’s students.

Please note that the Department of Psychology offers only a limited selection of modules to mobility students. Please therefore contact the department’s mobility supervisor (in German only) in advance if you are interested in studying there.

Types of Mobility:

You are advised to base the decision on which type of mobility is right for you on the degree program you are taking at your home university and your own personal interests:

Module Mobility (Studying at More Than One University)

The easiest way to take individual modules/courses to supplement your studies at your home university is with module mobility. This option is not available to students who have dropped out of their home university or have been definitely excluded or banned from the relevant a program.

Mobility in a Minor Study Program

Mobility in a Minor Study Program enables you to take and complete all ECTS credits in a minor study program at UZH if your degree program at your home university requires you to complete a minor study program to obtain your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. Your application must include a learning agreement obtained from your home university. Please also observe the framework ordinances and study regulations, which can be found on the faculties’ websites.

Joint Degree In-Mobility

Joint Degree In-Mobility is provided for students who are enrolled in a joint degree program at their home university that is run in collaboration by their home university and UZH. Examples include: Master’s in Comparative and International Studies CIS; Master’s in Ancient Judaism; Master’s in Religion – Economics – Political Science.


An exchange with the CH-Unimobil program is only authorized once you have submitted an application to your home university to participate in this program and your nomination has subsequently been confirmed by e-mail by UZH.  The first step therefore is to obtain information on the application periods and deadlines from your home university. Once your participation has been confirmed by UZH, we will send you the information you need for registration.

Information about the strategic partnership and exchange in the CH-Unimobil programme between UZH and the University of Geneva can be found here:
UZH - UniGE Student Exchange

International Mobility

International students who would like to attend courses at UZH but who are not enrolled at a Swiss university or at PHZH can find out more on the website of Global Student Experience.

Application and Deadlines:

Applications are submitted via the UZH application portal.

Please check the application periods and deadlines.

Please note: The deadlines apply to the submission of the application. Missing or faulty documents in an application, that was submitted before the deadline, can still be added or replaced after the deadline.