Applying for Mobility within Switzerland - Incoming

I would like to attend a single module at the University of Zurich, but I have to register in the application portal for a major and a minor study program (180 ECTS). What should I select?

First select the faculty and then the major study program offering the desired module. The minor study program is not relevant for registration in the framework of Swiss mobility. You should therefore select any minor study program you wish so you can complete the form.

I will not receive proof of matriculation for the next semester from my home university until after the University of Zurich application deadline. What should I do?

Upload the proof of matriculation for the current semester to the University of Zurich application portal instead and submit your application before the application deadline. You do not subsequently have to submit the proof of matriculation for the next semester.

According to the website, Swiss incoming mobility at the University of Zurich is free of charge. Why am I receiving a message on the application portal that I have to pay CHF 100.00 (or CHF 400.00)?

When you created your application you selected the incorrect academic level/type of study program on the first page of the form. Unfortunately, this information cannot be changed.

You should therefore withdraw your applicationusing the "Withdraw Application" button (bottom right). Create a new application. Then, on the first page for the academic level/type of study program, select "Mobility within Switzerland: Incoming." If you select this type of study program, you will no longer be asked to pay the application fee when you click on "Submit."

I will not apply for graduation from the Bachelor’s program at my home university until next semester, but I am already able to attend Master’s modules there. May I attend Master’s modules at the University of Zurich as part of the mobility program?

No. At the University of Zurich you may only book modules for the academic level for which you are enrolled at your home university.