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Legal Basis

The basic principles and guidelines that apply to your studies at the University of Zurich are laid down in a series of regulations, ordinances, program regulations, etc.

The legal basis for applying and being admitted to UZH and other administrative procedures such as changing degree program, leave of absence, withdrawing from the University, etc., as well as the provisions governing restrictions on admission to study medicine, are given below.

The ordinances and provisions on tuition and fees determine the application and semester fees for students, PhD candidates, and non-matriculated students (auditors), as well as the examination fees for medical students.

The guidelines governing language requirements in the language of instruction, and the UZH entrance examination, are also given below.

Degree Programs and Examinations

Framework ordinances and program regulations, as well as guidelines and fact sheets on the individual degree programs, can be found on the faculty websites:
Faculties of UZH


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