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Admission to Degree Programs in Medicine

Restrictions on Admission

The Government Council of the Canton of Zurich annually determines the number of study places for medical degree programs (human medicine, dental medicine, veterinary medicine and chiropractic medicine).

Based on the number of registrations to swissuniversities, the Government Council decides whether admission restrictions should be imposed and whether prospective students have to take an aptitude test.

Applicants with Foreign Nationality

Because the number of students is limited, students with foreign nationality will only be accepted to the program if they have a residence permit approved by UZH.

Please note that the language of instruction is German. Therefore detailed information is only provided on the German version of this page.

Conditions for Admission

In addition to the restrictions on admission, a study place can generally only be allocated, if the admission requirements for a Bachelor's or Master's degree program are met.

Before applying, please read the following information:
Bachelor's Degree Program (German Only)
Master's Degree Program (German Only)

Supplementary program for professional practice for persons with a foreign degree in chiropractic medicine


Weiterführende Informationen


If you have questions please contact
Student Administration Office
(Bachelor's level, Swiss qualification)
Admissions Office
(Bachelor's level, foreign qualification; Master's and Doctoral level, Teaching diploma, all qualifications)