How much does it cost to study at UZH?

Living expenses depend very much on the individual student. The figures should therefore be regarded as a guideline only. The expected minimum cost of living for students at the University of Zurich therefore comes to a total of CHF 2,000 per month.

Approximate figures (in CHF, per month):  

Rent incl. heating 690
Meals 450
Leisure and spending money 150
Additional expenses (phone, internet, television fees) 140
Tuition fees (approx. CHF 800 twice a year) 130
Teaching materials (depending on branch of studies) 100
Health insurance (after deducting premium reductions)/insurance 100
Travel 100
Clothing and personal items 100
AHV/IV (social insurances) 40

Is it possible to work alongside my studies?

  • In many study programs, it is common for students to work during the semester or during the semester break. However, part-time employment may extend your studies.
  • Programs with highly structured schedules, assessment levels and a high number of courses/lectures are less suitable when it comes to pursuing a part-time job and require a high degree of discipline.  
  • If you would like (or need) to work more than just part-time, we recommend getting in touch with academic advisory services to find out how this might affect your studies.
  • In general, combining part-time work and your studies gets easier the further along you are in your program. Schedules are often fairly tight in the beginning.

Where can I apply for a grant?

  • In principle, your parents are required to help fund your studies (Bachelor’s and Master’s). If neither your parents nor you are able to do so, you can apply for a grant in your parents’s canton of residence. For more information, visit the websites of the relevant cantonal offices.  
  • UZH also hands out grants, usually in addition to the cantonal study grants. We suggest you find out about eligibility. 
  • Swiss nationals living abroad can apply for a grant in their home canton. Useful information is available from educationsuisse.  
  • Bachelor’s students from abroad should find out about grants in their home country. Once you have earned 55 credits, or completed the assessment level, you may submit a parallel application to the Student Financial Aid Office.